Based on Epoxy resin and fibreflass reinforcement, various grades of laminates are manufactured to NEMA G-10 and G-11 stnadards. Also, with the stringent requirement of high tracking resistance (KA3C) and di-electric strength, special types laminates are offered for MV Switchgear application. Similarly fire-retardant grade laminates are offered for specific applications.

This are available in Standard sizes, in the thickness range of 0.2 mm - 100 mm & above.

A wide range of Laminates made out of Fibreglass CSM and woven fabric bonded with Epoxy or Polyester resins are offered for variety of applications. These are made to EP2 / EP3 / GPO1 / GPO2 / GPO3 and HGW grades.

Backed by expertise in processing, we manufacture very thick sheets/ blocks of upto 200 mm. They are used in large Rotating MAchines & Dry type transformers.

Standardized Laminates

  • G-10
  • G-11
  • FR-4
  • FR-5
  • EP-2
  • EP-3
  • GPO 1
  • GPO 2
  • GPO 3
  • HGW

Specialized Laminates

For MV Switchgear Applications:

  • High Tracking Resistance (KA3C).
  • High dielectric strength

For large rotating machines & dry type transformers:

  • Thick sheets / blocks upto 200m

Modified Laminates:

  • As per specific requirements.