Glassfibre & Allied Industries (ISO 9001: 2008 certified) is a globally respected company that provides superior quality electrical insulating fibre glass composite laminates and machined components leveraging new technology, effective techniques and efficient processes delivered by best in class people.

We rely on more than 4 decades of experience & technical know-how to transform and process various types of fibreglass and resins into high quality, extremely reliable composites in remarkably low turnaround times.

Under the brand POLYPOXYTM, we manufacture different kinds of insulating material needed by the modern Electrical & Electronic industry segments. All POLYPOXYTM products are ROHS compliant and have excellent combination of electric, mechanical and thermal endurance properties, conforming to various global standards – NEMA, IEC, BIS, BS, ASTM, DIN, HM, Hgw, etc.

Our endeavour has been to envelop the entire range – Polyester, Epoxy, Melamine and Polyimide resin based fibreglass reinforced laminates and components for thermal class ‘B’, ‘F’ ‘H’ & C applications.

Our expertise lies in the fields of impregnation, compression moulding, machining, polymer science and manufacturing technology. We also run a fabrication unit where we fabricate laminated sheets into customer specific components.

We have a fully functional in-house laboratory that tests all the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties required by international standards.

All Products emerge after rigorous tests conducted in our well-equipped Lab, at every stage, from receipt of raw material, through work in progress, to the final product, as per the standards. Presently, we are in the process of achieving IMS accreditation.

We look forward to using our industry expertise and application experience in order to solve your business challenges.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Customer Focused

Customer Focus


Quality Assurance

  • Products emerge upon rigorous tests at every stage – from raw material through work in progress to the final product as per norms prescribed in Indian / International standards
  • All our products conform to NEMA, BIS, BS & ASTM standards
  • Well equipped in-house testing laboratory

Timely Delivery

  • Optimized production planning leading to deliver the lowest turnaround time in the industry across India
  • Widely acknowledged as the company with the Quickest Delivery in the Indian industry
  • Case Study: ABB Banglore :-
    Received a letter of gratitude for delivering a 50mm thick fibreglass sheet within 4 hours during a client emergency.

Cost Effective

We are able to provide cost saving benefits to both our customers as well as the end users, because of the following:

  • Our optimized manufacturing capabilities
  • Lower labour costs in India
  • Focussed specialization

Customer Focus

  • As a part of our customer focussed approach, we take special customized orders from our clients (at any quantity)
  • Our resource development (all conventional + special purpose machining) combined with our expertise helps us undertake the most complex of machining
  • Along with standard resin systems, we also have unique modified resin systems for special needs
  • We also undertake development of special composites as per customer’s requirement

The journey of Glassfibre & Allied Industries began way back in 1976 when Mr. Arun Prabhu realized the potential of fiberglass composites in India (a relatively unknown entity back then).

Along with the support of Mr. Deepak Shah, who joined him as a partner in 1979; they chose consistent product development, excellent quality along with a strong customer focused approach as the pillars for consistent business growth.

It is a testimony to their vision, efforts & sheer dedication that what originated as a final year engineering project; gradually transformed into the successful organization it is today.

Company history

The company not only strived to reduce the import dependency of both public and private sector companies within India but also generated employment and livelihood for many.

In 1989, in order to meet growing industry demand, the company expanded and moved to a 30,000 sq.ft manufacturing setup in Vasai in out skirts of Mumbai.

In the early 2000s, after successfully supplying products to companies throughout India, the company expanded its geographical reach by catering to global clients and has since exported goods to various countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America & New Zealand.

After completing their graduation in the field of Mechanical Engineering and their post-graduation in the fields of Personnel Management & Industrial Engineering respectively; both Manan Shah & Kushal Shah joined the company in 2013.

They aim to utilize the excellent foundation laid down by the partners and combine the tremendous know-how and experience with new technologies and ideas to take the company forward.


The Glassfibre & Allied Industries Family works together to provide its customers superior quality, timely delivery and effective pricing while focusing on its values of integrity and social responsibility.